The HUB is a specialised program developed at St Patrick’s School.  The HUB  is an extension of the Support Team that focuses on students who may find it difficult to be fully engaged in the classroom.  

What is the HUB’s mission?

For students:

  • We aim to enhance student engagement, participation, independence and success in the classroom so that students can reach their full potential
  • We aim to creator highly-predictable and individualised routines that provide clarity and consistency for our students
  • We aim to build the skills required for our students to engage and succeed in the classroom

For Staff:

  • We aim to support staff in understanding and catering for the needs of all students
  • We aim to work collaboratively with staff to improve teaching practice

For Families:

  • We aim to support and work collaboratively with families in partnership to achieve the best outcomes for all students

Professional Learning Sessions for educators:

We offer Professional Learning sessions about our whole school wellbeing focus and the HUB for educators onsite at St Patrick’s School.  For more information please contact St Patrick’s School via email.