Principal's Welcome

Dunleavy_Renae_2022.jpgAs a Leadership Team we continued to focus on quality student engagement, as well as the wellbeing of our staff, students and families as we re-entered the world of relative normality following on from a rather traumatic few years. The implementation of our Grow Your Mind program was instrumental in assisting our school community to nurture and understand our mental health and wellbeing. We were absolutely thrilled to see upgrades to our perimeter fence and playground space and look forward to ongoing improvements in terms of the aesthetics of our school.

Our teaching staff, an exceptional team, once again truly highlighted just how dedicated and amazing they are. It has been a pleasure to witness their commitment, innovation, energy and passion each and every day.

This year has seen many successes within our Support Team and the exciting evolution of The HUB. The work that has been done this year in further developing the Support Team and The HUB has been truly outstanding. The HUB Program has evolved into not only an outstanding program and resource for our school, but a Professional Development opportunity that has been accessed by many other schools this year. We have had visitors from schools across the Diocese to learn about our HUB program and take ideas for their own schools. This demonstrates how St Pat’s Lithgow continues to lead the way in terms of inclusive education.


Ms Renae Dunleavy